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Have you ever googled Google?

By TLS | May 25, 2008

Have you ever tried to google Google? In all my years of being involved with online business, today was the first time I ever googled Google. What an interesting exercise.

The first thing I noticed was that there were 2.66 billion results for the keyword “google” in Google. That’s 2,660,000,000 results. Of the first 40 results, only two are not Google properties. Number 22 was the Wikipedia entry for Google and number 37 was the Yahoo Finance summary for Google. There were more non-Google properties scattered throughout the next 20 or 30 results, but it wasn’t until results 230-240 where I didn’t find a Google property listed in the results.

An insight that hit home to me was the fact that all of Google’s zillions of subdomains appeared in the index independently. Why don’t people take advantage of subdomaining their sites to get better search results? I’m guilty of missing that on my own sites. It seems that Google is indeed perfectly fine with listing your main domain and any subdomains that are relevant to the search query. Better start re-thinking subdomains (personal admonition!).

Next I decided to check the backlinks for Google: 951,000 links

Wow! Just think of how well your site would be ranked with 951 backlinks, let alone with three zeros to follow. Guess that explains why Google is a PR10 while Yahoo is merely a PR9 - Yahoo only has 330,000 backlinks, according to Google.

Google is truly the king of search. Check out more on the company below.

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