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Voting the Issues in 2008

By TLS | June 11, 2008

I would like to see the top five issues, according the polling of American voters, along with the views of the presidential candidates neatly listed beside each one. This upcoming election seems to be pivotal in many ways. Which way to we go? Do we vote based on fear of terrorism? Do we vote out of frustration with border security? Do we vote civil rights (ala gay rights)? What about a woman’s right to choose? Finally, do we vote our pocket book? If so, who would be our best choice?

Media coverage leads me to believe that the following are the hottest election issues, but what do you think?

  1. Economy (gas prices, housing crunch)
  2. Iraq / War on Terror
  3. Health Care
  4. Immigration
  5. Climate Change

With regards to the economy, CNN published the following which shows how your taxes would be affected under plans proposed by Barack Obama and John McCain. Based on my income, I’m better off under Obama’s plan. Which is better for you?

Here’s how the average tax bill could change in 2009 if either John McCain’s or Barack Obama’s tax proposals were fully in place.

Income Avg. tax bill Avg. tax bill
Over $2.9M -$269,364 +$701,885
$603K and up -$45,361 +$115,974
$227K-$603K -$7,871 +$12
$161K-$227K -$4,380 -$2,789
$112K-$161K -$2,614 -$2,204
$66K-$112K -$1,009 -$1,290
$38K-$66K -$319 -$1,042
$19K-$38K -$113 -$892
Under $19K -$19 -$567

Source:The Tax Policy Center

Iraq / War on Terror
A major problem for me with the war effort is this: Why do we spend so much time, money, and effort on rebuilding Iraq while we are still fighting a war? I have no military experience, so I admit I am speaking out of ignorance here, but why rebuild now? Why not wait until the war is over? Could we be dragging the war effort on and on by trying to rebuild as we go? I don’t get it. Please educate me.

Health Care
Health care costs are enormous these days. I have always leaned conservative in the ballot box, but health care is spiraling out of control, so I’m starting to tip the other way on this issue. In a period of four months my family’s health insurance was rated up three times, eventually resulting in monthly premiums that were almost double what we were initially approved for - what’s up with that?

Close the borders. Close the borders. Close the borders. I don’t buy the argument that closing the borders and requiring documentation will kill crop industries. The illegal immigrants that are already will have to get a pass. It’s too expensive and too difficult to do anything about it now, and I don’t think it would be a good idea to rip families apart to prove a point about taking the issue serious. This is a very messy issue, that will take years or decades to correct, but start by closing the borders.

Climate Change
This issue is a little scary. Some people say there is no such thing as “global warming” and that this issue is simply a left-wing scare tactic. Others say we’re doomed and that the world will end within 50 years. I’m thinking the real issue probably falls somewhere in between. I’m willing to conserve, and drive a hybrid car, if that’s what it will take. What is the real issue? I heard that electric car production was stifled in the 80’s by big oil companies. Do you have any details about that? If so, please share.

What is your opinion?
How are you voting this year? What is the most important issue to you? Inquiring minds want to know.

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