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Settling in Vegas

By TLS | June 28, 2007

So it’s been about two weeks now that we’ve been in Las Vegas. It was weird at first - didn’t feel like it was really our home. But now, it totally feels like home. We love the house, the proximity to stores, food, work, school, and church - very nice. I timed my drive home from work yesterday. Left at 4:59 PM and arrived at home at 5:03 PM. That is awesome! I used to waste 1.5 hours every day driving to and from work. The extra time is very well spent with the family now.

It’s great to have Kevin and Melissa close by - insta-friends! We’re excited that we finally get to live by them again. Hope they don’t get sick of us!

Lisa has made a new friend already, too - someone from church. They have done a few things here and there. Her name is Renee (not sure how she spells it) and she and her husband have kids he same ages as Matt and Julie, so it works out nicely.

I’m still banging away at work. With the move I’ve felt behind on the cases I’m working on, but I’m slowly catching up. Hope to be up to speed in a day or two. Once I catch up I’ll start doing a little work for my bro-in-law at his law firm (few hours a week - just to start learning the ropes). Hopefully it will help me get the swing of things before law school.

Ths kids miss their friends from Utah, but love having a pool here! They’ve swam more in the last week than they’ve done the rest of their lives combined. Both of them have already learned to swim. A few more weeks and they should be regular fishies.

All in all we are settling in well. It’s still a bit hot here, but we like it.

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