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Gays in the Military

By TLS | December 9, 2007

What is your current thinking on gays in the military? I have been a somewhat socially-liberal Republican my entire adult life. And I find myself becoming more and more liberal in some regards over the years. I think the reason is that as I become older I think more and more on my own, rather than subscribing to the party line on all issues.

Those of you who know me are aware that I graduated from high school in Wyoming. At my graduation I was fortunate to meet Senator Alan K. Simpson (R-Wyoming, 1979-1997). My conversation with him was not very long, but it was long enough for me to conclude that he was refreshingly genuine. I remember feeling a sense of awe towards him, mainly because he was a Senator, but also because of the kind of individual he seemed to be. Plus, I was jazzed that as a speaker at the graduation (Salutatorian), I was able to get my photo taken with him.

I think Mr. Simpson is an example of a politician that does the best for his constituency and nation - even if that means changing his opinion. I came across the following article from earlier this year. It is an article written by Simpson for the Washington Post about whether or not gays should be allowed in the military. He makes some interesting points, and I agree. It makes sense that we should allow any patriot to join our military if they can contribute to the success of the institution and safety of this nation. Read the article here.

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