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PageRank Is Up

By TLS | May 2, 2008

Recently all of my personal sites and the sites that I do SEO for have experienced an increase in PageRank. Obviously, this is a welcome change. It’s nice to see good practices paying off. It’s frustrating when I see other sites blatantly cheating or flirting with the dark side get high rankings - especially when sites that obey the rules don’t get ranked as high.

Pagerank is good, but ultimately what counts is that the sites are ranked well in SERPS so that customers, clients, members, and/or buyers can find them. Fortunately, I am very happy with the results for my sites thus far.

Many of them rank in the top 5 results for critical keywords. Obviously, I would like to see this trend continue. I think more improvement can be made on several of the sites by adding additional optimized content. Others mainly lack quality backlinks, which in my opinion is the most difficult aspect of SEO.

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