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Death by PowerPoint

By TLS | March 1, 2008

I have created and delivered many, many, many PowerPoint presentations over the years. Some were better received than others. Recently, I decided I need to create two presentations - one for what I am going to propose to improve productivity and client service solutions where I work, and the other for pitching a business idea to some money guys.

As I was browsing the web today I came across the presentation below by Alexei Kapterev that reminded me of some of things to keep in mind when developing my presentation. There is nothing really mind blowing here, but I found the presentation to be entertaining and oh so true on many points! The author boils the art of presenting down to four things:

(1) significance. Why does the subject matter mean something to you? What is its significance? The author proposes that significance creates passion, which in turn attracts attention, and attention leads to action.
(2) structure. Structure is important, but keep it simple. As long as it is convincing, memorable, and scalable it will be successful.
(3) simplicity. Get to the point. Ignore the rest. But make it impressive - don’t make it so simple that it becomes boring.
(4) rehearsal. Practice presenting the message. It most likely won’t go smoothly the first time, so practice. Present to someone you know and ask for feedback. Refine and present again until its polished.

Again, nothing new here, but a nice reminder. I’m looking forward to creating some effective presentations! Wish me luck.

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