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Endoscopy Center Patients: Get an Attorney Now

By TLS | March 9, 2008

Shocking. Horrible. Incomprehensible.

These are some of the words that come to my mind when thinking about the medical scandal unfolding in southern Nevada. Over the past week or so the world has learned that up to 40,000 people who were patients of the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada may have been exposed to deadly diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and/or HIV due to unsafe medical procedures and practices.

Specifically, the clinic is accused of reusing syringes (not needles) on patients. A syringe would be used to administer a medication drawn from a vial, then the needle would be removed and replaced, and the same syringe would be used to administer another medication drawn from a subsequent vial. The problem is that using the same syringe introduces the possibility for infected blood pathogens from blood backflow during the first application to contaminate the syringe, which could then contamitate the subsequent medication vial when the medication is drawn into the syringe.

I’m no doctor, but this seems like first semester med school stuff to me. How careless can they be? I spoke with a local doctor the other day and he confirmed that in no way should this ever have even been an option at the clinic. No mistake about it. This is just plain wrong, unethical, and criminal.

My advice to you: If you were a patient and the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada between March 2004 and January 11, 2008 you should get an attorney now! Get tested for infection and sue for money damages.

Patients have been flocking to attorneys over the past couple of weeks since the story broke. Some firms have signed hundreds - even thousands - of Endoscopy patients in a matter of days. If you were a patient and have not consulted an attorney, do it now. Here are a few firms that are taking cases:

Sprenz & Associates
Mainor Eglet Cottle
Glen Lerner & Associates
Ed Bernstein & Associates

The owner of the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada, Dr. Dipak Desai, is taking the heat (and he should). Some nurses and other employees of the center say that he is the one who directed them to adopt the unsafe procedures.

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